Most businesses use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to cultivate their audiences. But there are other ways of getting clients – through email subscriptions!

Typography is the style and appearance of printed matter and it affects our everyday lives whether we like it or not.

First up let’s explain a bit about what a responsive site is so you know what we talking about. When you have a site that does not resize (fluid width) to your mobile / tablet / device screen your site is not responsive.

There are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook worldwide.

Facebook defines an active monthly user as: A registered user, who has logged on/visited Facebook through the website or mobile app, and had any sort of interaction.

As marketers, there is nothing more valuable than knowing your audience. We are constantly comparing ads, referrals & search patterns to ensure we are maximising conversions. The understanding of the role played by various metrics, is known as attribution modeling.

Choosing the “right” font for your design can play a big part in how well your designs will be perceived. Below we have compiled a list of things to consider when choosing font for your next design.

Most of us know what a Facebook business page is, why they're beneficial and how they can help promote your business.  But what happens when you start seeing pages for your business popping up on Facebook, and you didn't create them?

Stress is something that everyone has had to deal with at some stage in his or her life, whether it was at school studying for an exam, on the sports field dealing with a harsh coach, or at work when you have a tight deadline. Small amounts of stress may help you get motivated at times, but too much stress could be seriously harmful to you & your health!
Eradicating all stress in the workplace is impossible, but we can find ways to limit , manage and deal with it.

Here are 5 simple methods to help you manage stress in the workplace:

I am sure you have seen the sleek ads; a smooth voice speaks confidently, while music plays in the background and smiling customers happily work away in a modern office. The voice promises you a website that not only looks amazing but one that can be built in just a couple of minutes with easy-to-use tools that allow users with just about any skill level to create their own perfect website. There are many online businesses offering DIY (Do it Yourself) website builders, for example, WIX, Squarespace and GoDaddy - probably the biggest and most well known.

This story – is one you’ll find far more familiar than you could think.
Let’s set the scene: you sit down at your desk, needing to get a lot of work done and as you’re about to draw out a concept… nothing.

Basically you’re searching your brain for something, and sorry – your brain says “not found”. So then you scramble on the internet, quickly hoping to find something to inspire you, before your deadline gets any closer than it already is!

Sound familiar?

With South African online spend being forecasted to grow to over R53bn by 2018, it's a no surprise that the ecommerce industry is expanding. Fast.
But how can today's ecommerce brands cut through the growing competition at a time when new online shops are popping up every week and new products are going viral each day?

Well, one strategy is by leveraging the power of storytelling.

No matter the size, every brand needs a book; not just to doodle notes (obviously) but as a document that becomes the guide to all marketing & advertising activity.

Before I begin, I want you to think of your absolute favourite photographs – whatever they may be. Earnestly study those photo’s, and eventually you will find a part of yourself in every single one. That's what it's all about; who you really are, that defines your photography & your style.

The larger portion of the 2 trillion searches Google handles each year come from mobile devices. In light of that amount, 2 years ago, Google announced their “Mobile Friendly” Label (Google fights for the rights of the poor user with fat thumbs #SausageFingerEqualRights).

What Michael Jackson is to music – Google Adwords is to advertising!

Along my journey as a Graphic Designer for Digital, these are just a few tips I have picked up along the way to make your life easier....

Why are captivating headlines so important?
In this day and age people are faced with an endless stream of information, every time they use social platforms. This often results in users skipping past your posts, or even worse unfollowing or unliking your account altogether.

So how do you make your post stand out?
It’s all in the headline (and of course the artwork – but our graphic design gurus will touch on that).

So… We take pictures. We make films. 
But unlike a traditional photography studio, we’re capturing for the instant. The social media second – nothing that lasts more that 24 hours. 

It’s been two months since Instagram launched "Stories" – a new way for people & businesses to share photos or videos, in an auto-play slideshow format, that disappears after 24 hours.

Instagram users have embraced this integrated Snapchat-cloning feature, that boasts 100 million views per day.
"Stories" seems to be a real game-changer, not only for the everyday user, but also for brands. 

After mysterious Snapchat ghosts were spotted on billboards around New York, the popular mobile app has announced their new video-glasses, Spectacles and Snapchat is now also changing its name.

KFC Hatfield wanted to increase their delivery orders. They launched the campaign "You study... we deliver"
with TNNG Digital Street Pole Ads and targeted students in the surrounding area.

By using this location-based advertising, KFC was able to reach a much larger audience.
After 1 week, their delivery orders increased by 30% and by the end of the 2nd month,
delivery orders had increased by 400%.

Just another reason you should be using TNNG Digital Street Pole Ads™ for your business.

It's official, Google have launched Enhanced Text Ads on Google Adwords. According to Google, you will no longer be able to create or upload standard text ads as of 26 October, 2016. The new ads now include two headlines with a 30 character limit each and a 80 character description limit.

Since the Google Performance Summit, advertisers have been long awaiting this change. The time and frustration spent on writing short & enticing adverts with as much information as possible, has been infuriating for many.

With the change, advertisers are urged to test standard ads vs ETA's before completely jumping ship. Giving advertisers a chance to effectively use ETA's and get the best results.

You'll be able to create the new ads by clicking on "+Ad" within your ad group accounts.
Check out Google's new best practices guide.

JAM Clothing used Digital Street Pole™ Advertising  the latest online advertising technology,
to deploy location based ads to their targeted audiences.
The objective was to drive more traffic to their JAM store in
Middelburg and increase their PUMP card sign ups.

After one month of location-based targeting, we were able to
increase their store visits by 371 and PUMP card sign ups by 164%.

Want to know how Digital Street Pole™ Advertising can change your business?
Email Jodi Melrose at media(@) or call 031 566 4855.

View our introductory video: YouTube Digital Street Pole™ Advertising Video

If you’re ever looking to hide a body – we’d suggest the second page of a Google search. Which is why, in today’s digital world, there’s nothing more important than having a place on the first page of Google’s SERP. But why would you settle for one place, when you could have four?

Instagram’s new algorithm – What does it mean for businesses and personal brand profiles?

Introducing YouTube Red, the ultimate new YouTube experience... paid YouTube experience. According to the platform's spokesman, the new membership was introduced after users' requests for uninterrupted videos - essentially, no more ads.

eCommerce is one of the many digital marketing services that make up TNNG's portfolio. We love brainstorming, conceptualising and planning an effective eCommerce website - that will have real return on investment for our clients. User experience (UX), backed with the right technology, will help customers find the products they want to purchase in a matter of seconds. We design our eCommerce experiences to the old Steve Krug motto of "Don't Make Me Think". TNNG also have an eCommerce sister company, Shopping Direct, who manages & markets online stores for clients (with earnings based on a % of sales).

In order to achieve successful social media marketing, we at TNNG believe that certain characteristics of a social media marketer are vitally important. Too often people are bombarded with emails, messages, phone calls etc. of companies trying to sell them their products, therefore people expect their social media platforms to be free from that. With that being said, it is important that a social media marketer approach their target customers carefully and in a way that seems they are being helpful rather than trying to sell them something.

Can you believe it has been 10 years since we began ‘liking’, ‘poking’ and ‘friending’?

Facebook, being one of the most innovative companies in the world, has now released - The Shared Album. It is a new feature that allows up to 50 contributors to upload images to the same album, making it easy to get all the photos from various cameras in one place.

Over 60% of Internet traffic generated on the African continent originates from South Africa. With Internet users increasing in South Africa from 6 million in June 2012 to 8.5 million by June 2013 (a 42% increase), it is safe to say that Internet users are on the rise in South Africa. The Internet user base is projected to reach 9 million users by 2014 and an astonishing 22.8 million by 2016.

Paid media is known to be ‘traditional advertising’ and includes the likes of TV advertising, banner adverts, display adverts and sponsorships. This type of media allows the investor to have complete control over the content, the market expenditure and the target market.

Email marketing is sending a direct marketing message to a specific list of subscribers via email.


Keep your business updated and trendy by using Instagram to your advantage:

View the web and mobile technology trends for the year 2013.

Digital Marketing, cutting through the clutter.

“Businesses are operating in an ancient mode...
They’re thinking that they are competing for the customer with other companies of like product when, in fact, they are competing with the thousands of messages that the customer is getting every day from all institutions to just get their attention.”

While Internet Explorer continues to be the leader for email browser usage, a trend toward other browsers is quickly emerging. Both Firefox and IE have experienced declines in usage, signaling Chrome will likely claim the #1 spot, much like it already has for general browsing.

With media cluttering the confines around us, there are too many platforms to keep up with. Therefore, digital media has spiraled into the market and opened up waves of potential, while leaving traditional forms of media behind.

Can Television Commercials (TVCs) have a calculated impact?

There is no precise and accurate way to measure the impact of a TVC campaign, the key is to have clear advertising goals from the start. Before and during the TVC campaign all brands should monitor any change in sales, new customers, requests for information, phone enquiries, retail store traffic, etc. for the closest calculation possible, which will only result in a plausible estimation.

Online advertising allows for specific direct response, impact and other measurable possibilities to become a reality.

South Africa currently boasts 5,351,320 Facebook users according to research, which places it at number 31 in the ranking of countries with the largest Facebook users. A Facebook mobile penetration rate of 84.5% means that around 4,521,865 users are accessing the site via their mobile devices.

Advantages to Facebook Groups
Advantages to Facebook Pages

'Blog’ is short for the term ‘weblog - a discussion or information website that has new content added on a regular basis. It is a diary-type commentary that ranges from personal to political, focusing on a specific subject or range of topics.


There are many different digital platforms that a business must be involved in, in order to create a strong digital influence and improve SEO.

What is a Search Engine?
A sophisticated script used to help organize the world's information. A tool used to find information.

I know. You have learned about Facebook’s new iFrame support on Page tabs and you’re excited. You’ve designed a beautiful Web page that you’re anxious to embed into your Facebook Page's tab.