Mobile Advertising Products


Join the TNNG Media family and experience our game-changing mobile advertising products such as TNNG Mobile+ Ads Powered by Gimbal and Geo-Click™ Ads  which use the latest technology available in digital advertising networks, to deploy location and people-based adverts to your desired target audiences.


Mobile+ Advertising Benefits:

  • Higher CTR than Industry Average
  • Geo targeted People-based Advertising
  • Third-Party Verification ensuring auditable viewability to real users
  • Bid Speed above Industry Standards
  • Mobile-Friendly Ad Creatives (360°, Animation & Interactive formats)
  • Campaign optimisation and attribution


Geo-Click™ Advertising Benefits:

  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Lower cost per click (CPC)
  • Larger audience reach
  • Select specific audience
  • Unlimited ads


Looking to influence the mobile journey of consumers on-the-go? Brands such as Hooters, Virgin Active, Prime Property as well as some of the nation’s biggest malls like Sandton City have already started to leverage targeted proximity-based mobile ads on their Wi-Fi Network – triggering more in-store purchases, increasing customer retention and effectively building brand loyalty. Here is why they are so successful:


Wi-Fi Advertising leads the way in radius targeting, reaching all LSM groups based on current citizen records, interests and buying habits.


Ad delivery through Wi-Fi marketing allows marketers to craft their very own story for each target group based on real metrics.


There is no better direct marketing channel than Wi-Fi networks. As soon as users connect, your ad will be shown as they start browsing the web.


Better ad performance control with Wi-Fi ads. We track your customers’ browsing and purchase behaviour, offering insights than never before.


Advertisers and brands can no longer afford to ignore the power of Mobile Wi-Fi advertising. Whether you want to achieve better-targeted ads or already own a ROI solution on top of your Wi-Fi Network, TNNG Media will help you maximising profits. We offer the following services:


Mobile Wi-Fi Advertising Placement

  • Bigger Reach of all LSM Groups
  • Precise Radius Targeting
  • 100% Direct Delivery Rate
  • In-depth Ad Performance Analytics


Mobile Wi-Fi Marketing Management

  • Ad creation
  • Ad strategy
  • Ad Delivery
  • Ad Analytics
Improve Your Mobile Advertising ROI with TNNG today!