About TNNG Media

TNNG Media is a division of The No Nonsense Group, one of Durban’s leading direct, digital media marketing agencies. TNNG Media uses the latest digital technologies to deploy a combination of earned, paid, and owned adverts to targeted audiences. We offer Creative Services, Planning & Implementation, Analytics & Insights, Media Buying and PPC to increase your online traffic. Let us help you retain new customers in real time, online.



Media buying is the appropriation of media real estate to ensure the most beneficial channels and timeslots are chosen. The constant evolution of communications means obtaining an understanding of new & trending mobile advertising products and platforms in relation to your target markets. TNNG Media is able to translate this into beneficial client recommendations. While the key to great marketing is great exposure. Advertisement is an investment; thus we keep an eye out on the pulse for new findings in the media industry.

Search Engine


Your brand’s presence in search results is vital for driving the ever changing organic search performance. TNNG Media takes an integrative approach to SEO; using innovative tools to define the local market trends & help reach a diverse range of audiences. We ensure TNNG Media will amplify your brands visibility in the industry. Our main SEO services include cross-channel SEO strategy, keyword research and analysis, content strategy, local SEO, technical SEO, SEO/SEM integration as well as personalised SEO.

Paid Search &
Paid Social

Our team of specialists analyse and interpret data so you can master where, when and how your consumers are searching; whether it is via keywords, remarketing, CRM integration, or audience targeting, we ensure your business is present in an ever changing industry and consumer needs. It is critical to grasp the power of paid social which aids in understanding your audience, impressions & creating multi-layered communication channels with consumers. 

Analytics &


We investigate or create your brand’s analytics setup. This is achieved by identifying, implementing & monitoring areas of improvement. TNNG Media ensures the use of the latest upgrades to maximize data collection accuracy and value. Web testing such as Multivariate, A/B tests and CRO drives the optimal conversion rate, which maximizes every media budget. Analytics measures real-time results to your mission statement; ensuring values are quantified and expressed in a tangible way such as generating maximum profit for the company. 



Online advertising is more than just placing an ad. The question is how is it being delivered? And is your ad visually attractive enough to engage your target audience? Our internal creative team at TNNG Design and TNNG Capture ensure your ad stands out. We offer creative design, copywriting, short videos, specialist photography and 360º Videos and VR Adverts. At TNNG Media the design of your ad is as essential to us as the actual campaign management. No need to outsource your ad creatives to another agency. We assist you in the creative process from start to finish.

Planning &


TNNG Media executes a detailed media strategy which includes a dynamic blend of creativity and a solid plan of action to help your business reach its target audience and improve its overall conversion rate. We will capture the attention of your niche market, determining the exact demographic to drive traffic in the most effective way. TNNG Media monitors digital media platforms 24/7 and ensures your ad performance is continuously analyzed to provide you with regular reports for maximum optimization of your campaign.

Partners & Technologies