Pay Per Click Advertising

    PPC (Paid Per Click Advertising)


    Search engine advertising is one of the most popular means for advertisers to target audiences, by bidding for an ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches a keyword that is related to your brand’s offering.




    We boost brands by identifying, targeting and attaining their most valuable consumers across all paid channels.

    Our team of specialists analyzes and interpret data so you can master where, when and how your consumers are searching; whether it is via keywords, remarketing or audience targeting, we ensure your business is present in an ever changing industry and consumer needs.


    TNNG Media specializes in paid search campaigns, including:

    • Enhanced campaigns
    • Mobile
    • Local
    • Display networks
    • Video
    • Audience targeting
    • Shopping campaigns




    It is critical to grasp the power of paid social to create a beneficial connection between your brand and your audience of 2 billion social media users around the globe.

    Paid social aids in understanding your audience, impressions and creating multi-layered communication channels with consumers. Today’s millennials look for authenticity, value and relevance. TNNG Media takes a holistic approach to Paid Social and utilizes cross-platform data to craft social strategies. Our current services include:

    • Paid social strategy
    • Paid amplification
    • Audience insights and analysis
    • Cross-channel marketing
    • Customized holistic measurement