CRM & Website Development

TNNG creates beautiful mobile-responsive websites, focusing on design, content, usability, conversions and simplicity. Our senior team of web developers provides a user experience like no other to ensure a smooth customer journey maximising your online sales.


Our services include:


  • High-end unique web designs & template
  • Website development
  • Website management services
  • Expert WordPress and Joomla development
  • WordPress and Joomla webmaster services
  • Domain and Hosting Administration
  • Website Disaster Recovery
  • Custom eCommerce Solutions
  • eCommerce strategy & setup
  • Custom App development
  • Building and maintaining databases
  • Email Marketing Campaign Management
  • Client Website Training


Once we’ve developed a website, we advise on building traffic & marketing the website. We also advise on integrating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to manage & measure inbound communication and setting up Leads and Sales funnels. View our CRM solutions here.


Our Bitrix24 CRM services include:


  • CRM Database with Contacts & Companies
  • Company Structure & Users with user privileges by department or person
  • Leads Funnel with automation rules
  • Contact Centre setup capturing all inbound communication
  • Integrate communication channels: email, live chat, calls, social messaging, WhatsApp and more
  • Integrate advertising channels: Facebook Network, Google Ads
  • Sales Funnel setup with automation rules
  • Reporting and Analytics setup
  • Telephone connection & call recording (inbound or outbound)
  • Catalogue or product setup
  • Intranet setup with Tasks, Workgroups, Calendars & Chats
  • Workflows for business processes
  • Client CRM & Business Workflow Strategy
  • User and Manager Training


Read why we chose Bitrix24 CRM as our CRM of choice.

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