About TNNG Capture

So… We take pictures. We make films. But unlike a traditional photography studio, we capture web optimised imagery for eCommerce. Outstanding quality model and product shots that are essential for your business. Let’s drive sales, let’s capture the true face of your brand.

TNNG Capture
TNNG Capture
TNNG Capture

What are we?

We are TNNG Capture, an eCommerce photography studio answering your question, “How do I take my brand or service from real life, to real time, online.”
We create user-generated type content. Content that appeals to your own audience. Content with life. Content that captures.

What’s different?

We live in the age of social media. Audiences are actively rejecting advertising. They want authenticity. They are seeing, researching and identifying with brands in a very personal way. Brands have become an extended part of who they are. We deliver visual concepts that people can relate to.

What’s in it for you?

We deliver digital content fast and cost-effective. With us, communications will be smooth and effortless. There is no need to outsource your Digital Marketing to other agencies anymore. We work hand in hand with our team at TNNG Digital and our eCommerce experts at Shopping Direct.

What do we offer?

We offer expertise in the following services:

Studio: Pack Shots / Product & Model Shots

Off-Site: Lifestyle Shots / Live Events

Video: Stop Motion / Short Clip Video

Social: Snapchat / Facebook / Instagram

Creative Direction: Studio/Lifestyle Shoots

Editing: Video & Image

More control?

TNNG Capture also offers Studio and Equipment Rental for affordable prices. Based in La Lucia, Umhlanga, our facilities are convenient and fully equipped to ensure spectacular eCommerce photography. We provide everything you need for your upcoming photo shoot.

Get in Touch

Join the TNNG Capture family and experience our game-changing visual content with your brand. Whether you have 10 products or 1,000, we have a solution for you. What are you waiting for? Let us help you capture your customers.
Contact us today for a quote!

Our team at TNNG Capture will assist you from start to finish in the creative process, moving away from complicated staged photography into fresh, quick, web optimised visual content. TNNG Capture has over years of experience in the industry with focused photography skills and a marketing, delivering unique imagery that resonates with your audience. Let us help your business to connect the dots between consumer engagement and brand sales. See some of TNNG Capture’s shots here.

TNNG Capture