3 Ways Digital Marketing Will Benefit from Using Artificial Intelligence

3 Ways Digital Marketing Will Benefit from Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not an unfamiliar term in everyday lives, in fact, it has already made its presence felt, from sarcastic – but helpful – Siri to Smart Home Devices.

Digital marketers are now turning to AI in order to evolve the way marketers build relationships, connect and learn about their customers. With the help of AI, digital marketers are now able to improve customer experience, predictive analytics and targeted marketing, which in turn will result in an increase on ROI.

Personalise User Experience

AI in digital marketing has the ability to customise campaigns for individual consumers or prospect customers, based on their searchers, buying behaviour and interests. This is important as people are more likely to stay on a site and engage with it when they immediately see material that is relevant.

Chatbots is an example of AI that enhances a customer’s experience by interacting with the customer based on data that it receives. Users are now able to be assisted 24/7 with the advantage of the data being retained for future use.

Augmented reality, another feature of AI, can be used to simplify and increase a consumer’s decision making the process by giving customers the ability to see and feel the product before their purchase is made.

In the words of Google:

“Think about what makes your website unique, valuable, or engaging. Make your website stand out from others in your field.”

Simplifying Customers Decisions Through Predictive Marketing

AI collects new data such as users needs, behaviours and future actions, each time that a user browses the internet. Based on the data collected, the most relevant information can be retrieved for marketers to create targeted campaigns.

Get Maximum ROI Using Image Recognition

With the aid of AI, it is now possible to get detailed insights of images, that were never available before. This is highly beneficial to the Digital Marketing industry as it provides a better understanding of consumer patterns, behaviours and needs. This is achieved through AI software, that compares images from a consumers social media to a large image library in order to provide conclusions.

Artificial Intelligence has the capability of providing relevant and accurate insight into consumers across numerous applications, which in turn will save marketers time, and time is money.


Talicia Dalais
Junior Creative Copywriter
TNNG Digital Marketing
The No Nonsense Group