WhatsApp for Ecommerce: It keeps getting better!

WhatsApp for Ecommerce: It keeps getting better!

What better way is there to communicate immediate responses than one of the world’s largest messaging app, Whatsapp!

We Are Social Q1 shows, 95.4% of internet users in South Africa use WhatsApp.
Clearly, the opportunity to get your brand’s message in front of millions of potential customers on WhatsApp is enormous.

What can your brand do with WhatsApp Business?


What’s New

  • Catalogues and collections
    Whatsapp’s Cart feature enables customers to access your store catalogue, check out a new product, gauge pricing, order as many products as they need, and confirm the order with a simple message in the same platform they use to message their friends. The days of customers spending time navigating your website are long gone.
  • Labels
    Labels enable you to categorise your contacts or chats with labels, so you can easily find them again.
  • Multiple users
    Team members can now access the chat app all at once
    , assign messages to colleagues, have internal discussions, and help more customers.


Coming soon

  • Facebook Shop Integration
    Facebook will soon introduce the option to publish your Facebook shop on WhatsApp and people will be able to browse your shop’s products by clicking on their chat with your business, or by viewing your WhatsApp Business profile.


What we already know:

  • Business Profiles
    Your business profile can have helpful information for your customers like your address, business description, email address, operational hours, and website.
  • Quick Replies
    Quick replies allow you to save and reuse messages that you send regularly
  • Automated Messages
    Just like chatbots, you can set automated messages. When you are unavailable or in a meeting, it might be difficult to answer. 
  • Message Statistics
    Getting insights into essential metrics allows marketers to better understand customers’ engagement and experiences on WhatsApp.
  • Leverage distribution lists
    Create distribution lists to which you can send broadcasts with information on new offers, discounts, or special holiday offers.


Getting Started with WhatsApp Marketing

Remember that, part of the power of WhatsApp is that it’s tied to our phones, which tend to seem more personal to us than our computers— Any kind of spamming won’t help your business in any way. Spamming your customers with catalogues and sales pitch messages gets annoying after a certain point.