5 Tips To Grow An Audience Through Email

Grow an audience through Email

5 Tips To Grow An Audience Through Email

Most businesses use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to cultivate their audiences. But there are other ways of getting clients – through email subscriptions!  something very few bloggers or businesses actually get right.

Finding connections is what social media is all about – or should be, but when you’re using it to
grow your business and build your brand, the personal aspect can get a little lost.

Quality communication with a client/audience is so vital. You can easily become distant with your audience, which could possibly result in a decrease in your following.

Email is an opportunity for your business to talk to people directly, and this is why putting effort into email subscriptions is so important. As a potential customer, it’s easy to put businesses or brands on a pedestal and assume they don’t have time to talk to you individually when you see hundreds or thousands of followers on their social media pages. According to a study done by, Ashley McAllister of The Party Girl “Over the last year, I’ve gotten thousands more followers and I’ve noticed that, now, fewer people are commenting. I think it’s because they see how many followers I have and think I don’t have time or don’t care about them.”

Ashley has succeeded in building her client/audience list with an email subscription. She uses her email to start a one-on-one conversation with her clients to build a relationship and doesn’t just send them newsletters, promotions and deals. She always asks her clients to email back and she responds immediately or as soon has she can. In other words, that level of engagement doesn’t just happen, you need to work for it.  

Here are 5 tips on achieving engagement with email subscriptions:

Invite people to interact
Invite people who have the same interests and likings as you. That’s a starting point. This gets the creative juices flowing, starts a good conversation and who knows, may also become part of your audience or even a client.

Always have good visuals
People become responsive if they like what they see and they’re more likely to do what you ask them to do. An example would be – if a customer/client becomes part of your email subscription: give them a free desktop image that you have designed, that can be used as a wallpaper. It’s a small action, but it can become the foundation for building a personal relationship with that customer.

 Your copy, your words
Depending on your audience/clients, your copy should reflect & relate to who they are, and the visual used in your email, obviously. And with like most things, recommended to keeping copy short and to the point is ideal. No one likes to read long-winded emails and with that, when your message is genuine and honest, they’re are more likely to respond.

Share something people actually care about and want to see
Give your readers/audience something to look forward to. As mentioned above, maybe, design and send a free desktop image. You can also do a greeting card or a fun project you can give away for free. It can become a fun work project and the pictures can be funny. These sort of elements create good engagement with current and potential clients.

Don’t send lots of mails
Just as much as people don’t like long emails, no one likes a full inbox. The last thing you want to do is bombard a person with a ton of creatives, or marketing emails, as much as you do want to stay at the front of their mind. So limit the number of emails you send to a person per day, or even per week.

Melissa Moodley
Senior Designer
TNNG Design
The No Nonsense Group★