6 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Facebook Marketing Mistakes

6 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook worldwide.

Facebook defines an active monthly user as: A registered user, who has logged on/visited Facebook through the website or mobile app, and had any sort of interaction.

Any and everyone of these users has the ability to create a Facebook business page. The real challenge is avoiding the same Facebook marketing mistakes that so many brands make, and creating a business page that works to your advantage

When you setup a Facebook business page you’re creating a platform to interact & engage with your users – which is all good and well, until you start making mistakes that can tarnish your brand.

To ensure the success of your business page, it is crucial that you plan & establish a solid Facebook Strategy. In this strategy you need to establish your marketing goal, how you’re going to achieve that goal, have an understanding your audience, and determine what type of content you will need.

To ensure that your Facebook Business Page gets great interaction and followers, there are the 6 common mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Posting inconsistently
    It’s very important to stay consistent. Most companies post 1-2 times per day on Facebook. This this is the most effective amount because posting 4-6 posts within a day will clutter and overwhelm your fans/followers, possibly attract negative feedback.
  2. Too much text
    As much as a brand would like to give out as much information to as many people in single post, it will in fact be counterproductive and result in your message reaching fewer people. Not only will people “switch off” if your post is too copy heavy, Facebook will restrict your reach to various extents, if your image has more than 25% copy, and add a “read more” and therefore interrupt your post copy if it is too long.
  3. Low image quality
    Facebook posts are often published with incorrectly sized images. Images that are pixelated and of low quality are not posts that should be up on your business profile. This puts users off engaging with the post. It is then worth allocating a bit of design or photography budget to improve the quality of your images.
  4. Bad content targeting
    Another big mistake, is not effectively targeting the right audiences with advertising. Facebook provides for incredibly defined targeting & it is a lost opportunity for you not to utilize this feature efficiently. Understanding your audience is key to avoiding wastage.
  5. Not being social/interactive
    The beauty of social media is it’s ability to create a two-way conversation between brands and fans. People want to feel important, and like they’re being heard by brands. This is why it is important to respond authentically, with valuable feedback in an efficient manner. This is the easiest way to build sustainable relationships with your consumers.
  6. Ignoring analytics
    Another key feature of a Facebook business page is the “Insights” provided to you. Through this, you’re given information about your audience, such as, your audience growth, which posts are performing best, what time people are engaging with you the post & how your page is performing in relation to other pages in your category.

Thembeka Kunene
Digital Content Manager 
The No Nonsense Group★