Digital Marketing – Things to do during lockdown

Digital Marketing – Things to do during lockdown

The world is facing a global pandemic and we are sure the lockdown is daunting for many. Big and small businesses are thinking of all the ways they can continue to work remotely and how they can do smart business during this time. 

Now is the perfect time to do all the “I’ll do it later” stuff. 

We have some ideas for you!

Don’t advertise unnecessarily 

Don’t advertise unless it is necessary or critical service. In the next 21 days, customers are not looking to purchase goods that are not needed. Save money now, advertise later. 

Work on SEO 

Keep improving the website rank and page rank as it takes time for Google to index. 

Work on all your digital assets 

One of the best platforms to get ideas and inspiration is through Pinterest. Now that people have plenty of time to browse, Pinterest is a great way to improve SEO and awareness. People will still be looking for ideas and home decor. Get on top of that!

Use Facebook to create Facebook albums where you add pictures of your products. Include captions that describe the product and link the URL to your website. By doing this Google will eventually find this new public photo album and it will be included in the local search, which will potentially drive traffic to your website. 

Develop your Google My Business Products. This will showcase your products and drive customer interaction. This will improve your SEO.


This is a great time to do the never-ending task of aligning all the store listings with the latest information. 

Lastly, write blogs, blogs and more blogs. Produce interesting information about your products, manufacturing techniques and interiors. People will love to read what they are interested in.