Facebook’s EdgeRank Update

Facebook Edgerank

Facebook’s EdgeRank Update

How not to damage your Facebook Business Page ranking.

Interesting update on Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm and how it affects Facebook & Instagram Business Pages. Facebook wants to improve the feed and user’s experience.

Most important takeaways from the Facebook announcement:

  • People will see 2% of their friends posts based on the rank
    ie you’ll see what you’re most interested in, and mostly from people in your network

  • Pages will have less Rank than People
    ie Page posts will show to a small percentage of fans to assess rank, then will show to more people based on that score

  • When an Interaction takes some effort, it will be more meaningful, and therefore the post will get a higher rank
    eg If a fan writes a comment that’s thoughtful, and took time & care, it will rank higher
    This interaction will outrank a “look” (a person paused on your post whilst scrolling through a feed) or a “like” on the post

  • Post images with too much text will have lower Rank
    ie Use Facebook’s “Image Text Check”, if your image is “High”, it will be throttled

  • Stock Photography or Video falls under “Recycled Content”, and will have a lower Rank
    ie Facebook wants high quality, original content… and especially live video

  • Post Rank will affect Page Rank
    eg A low ranked Post will affect the overall rank of the Page, and lower the organic reach, until the content becomes more relevant again

Have a look at the below infographic to explain the Rank “points”
Notice the -100 points for a “hide” or “unfollow”.
And only +1 point for a share or a Like!
This means a bad post can kill a Page’s rank, which will take a long time to revive.

Ask yourself…
“If you personally shared your company’ Page post to your feed, would your friends comment on it?”
If the answer is “No”, then the content is not good for post or page rank, and therefore not good enough for your Facebook or Instagram page.

You can’t blame Facebook…
Facebook need creative and engaging content to clean up their feeds. Facebook users are turning to Instagram as they react to the sentiment that “it’s just full of ads and junk”. Instagram, although naturally cleaner by nature of the tech, is filling up fast with the same junk and sentiment. Hence, users are moving towards Whatsapp where they can share meaningful content with their friends & groups. Basically, going back to how Facebook started.

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Image: stedavies.com