How to Link Your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Profile Correctly

Facebook and Instagram Friends and Working Together

How to Link Your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Profile Correctly

Often we have created a Facebook Page for our business & set up an Instagram Profile but how do we get them to work together and get the most out of these social profiles? 

It may seem basic, but even pro’s get stuck so we’re going to walk you through connecting your Facebook Business Page & Instagram Account for seamless collaboration. 

First things first, we recommend that you use Facebook Business Manager.

With Facebook Business Manager you can:

  • Run narrowed targeted advertising through Facebook Ads Manager and Remarketing adverts to people who have interacted with your website.
  • Have a centralised Contact Centre responding to all comments, shares and inbox messages made on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Assign Roles and control User Management from one dashboard (this comes in very handy when you manage multiple Facebook Pages)
  • See Insights, reporting and more.

Now, onto the step by step walkthrough…

If you already have a Facebook Page and Instagram Page Connected

Step 1, 2 & 3 may seem pointless if your profiles are already connected but sometimes it may have been connected incorrectly & can cause problems down the line so it’s better to disconnect them & start again.

Step 1: Disconnect your Instagram Account from your Facebook Page

If your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook Page through your Facebook Page settings and not Facebook Business Manager, disconnect it.

  • Settings (top right)
  • Instagram (left-hand side)
  • Disconnect Instagram (bottom right)



Step 2: Ensure your profile is a Personal Instagram Account

Make sure that your Instagram Account is a Personal Account and not a Business Account. If it is a Business Account, temporarily switch over to a Personal Account.

  • Burger bar (top right)
  • Settings (top)
  • Account (towards the bottom)
  • Switch to Personal Account (bottom)



Step 3: Disconnect the Facebook Page from your Facebook Business Manager

For seamless reconnection later on, temporarily remove your Facebook Page from your Business Manager. This will automatically remove the Instagram connection from your Business Manager as well. 

  • Business Settings (top right)
  • Pages (left-hand side)
  • Search for the required page (search bar)
  • Remove (top right)



Step 4: Switch from a Personal Instagram Account to a Business Instagram Account

Now that you have disconnected all the profiles, its time to start connecting them properly 😊 
It is best to connect your Instagram Profile & Facebook Page through Instagram itself.

  • Burger bar (top right)
  • Settings (top)
  • Account (towards the bottom)
  • Switch to Professional Account (bottom)
  • Select Business
  • Continue
  • Add in the category which best describes your business
  • Next
  • Add in your business information
  • Next
  • Connect your Facebook Page (Do not create a new Facebook Page – select an existing)
  • Next



Step 5: Connect Facebook Page to Business Manager

Now that your Facebook and Instagram accounts are ‘friends’, we can add them to Facebook Business Manager so that we can get the most out of these social platforms. 

  • Business Settings (top right)
  • Pages (left-hand side)
  • Add (blue button)
  • Add a Page
  • Search for the name of your page
  • Select the page & press “Add Page”
  • You will see its already connected to Instagram so click “Add All”
  • Enter the Instagram Login details for your account



Step 6: Connect your Instagram Account to your Facebook Inbox

One of the GREAT things about Facebook Business Manager is all your comments and messages done on Facebook and Instagram can be seen in one place, on one dashboard so you won’t miss anything!

It would be very beneficial for you to connect your Instagram Account to your Business Manager Inbox

  • Inbox
  • Instagram Direct (left-hand side)
  • Reconnect Account
  • Add in the Instagram Account login details


Now you can view Facebook messages, Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook comments and Instagram comments.



If you have just created a brand new Facebook page and Instagram Profile, skip Steps 1, 2 and 3 and start at Step 4.

Now you’re good to go! You can answer all your Instagram and Facebook messages & comments in one place & all profiles are connected correctly which also allows you to post to Facebook from Instagram… so many benefits.

You’re welcome! 😉