How to Monetise Your Website


How to Monetise Your Website

Do you have a website with good daily traffic and are looking to convert that traffic into income? Then Google Adsense with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is the best solution for you.

Through DFP, running custom adverts from your own advertisers (either Video or Banner Adverts) is something that you or your advertising sales team can use to monetise and sell ad space. DFP will handle the serving of the different type adverts. With Adsense, opening up your inventory to the world will fill your site with advertising, without much management by you.

Let’s start with the basics. You will need an Adsense account to set up DoubleClick for Publishers (Small Business).

“DFP is an advertisement software by Google and it, in the simplest terms, is an ad management service. It can also be used as an ad server and comes in handy with a ton of features in managing the sales process.”

What is Inventory?

Inventory refers to the ad units or the space available to place ads on your website, like real estate. This space is what will generate revenue for you.

How does DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) work with Inventory?

When you submit your inventory on DFP, it generates ad tags which are bits of HTML and JavaScript Code. You can place these tags on your website and when you have incoming traffic on your page, the generated tags identify each ad unit and request ads from DFP.

Then DFP gets down to business. DFP will choose the best ad from among the “campaigns” separately for each ad unit and place the ad. All events will be recorded for reports.

DFP also ensures your inventory is not oversold i.e. multiple bookings of running ads per unit. Interestingly, DFP can also traffic ads with other ad networks and direct advertisers. This service not available to publishers using Google AdSense alone.

What is the Difference Between Google DFP and Google AdSense?

Simply put, DFP is an ad server and AdSense is an ad network. You cannot sign up with DFP unless you have an AdSense account.

While AdSense helps you find the highest bidder (the advertiser) for your ‘inventory’, DFP provides you with the infrastructure to manage your adverts and ad space content.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with all this information just relax. While it may be hard to wrap your head around all this information, it is not impossible. Plus, you can always contact us to save you the trouble!

Many publishers have found using DFP alongside AdSense a great way to boost their sales and generate more revenue. If you are getting started as a publisher, then you most certainly should give it a try!

Your Website Setup

Identify where on your website you want your inventory (advert space), without interfering with the user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) of the website, but optimising the potential revenue. Your Inventory will make up your Ad Units that DFP will use to place the adverts. The naming of the Ad Units is vitally important for understanding which part of your inventory is working (or not), and better reporting.

Setting up your website to deliver the ads from Adsense & DoubleClick will require some JavaScript and Tags which match the Ad Units & Placements.

What next?

Now you can concentrate on your content, increasing traffic and generating income. Keep an eye on your Adsense traffic and refine advertisers. Not every advertiser will be welcomed by your audience.

Some tips we found out the hard way:

  • Ad units can take up to 12 hours to reflect a new creative, so plan in advance.
  • Troubleshooting too many times in a test area could exhaust your custom ad flight limit.
  • Certain ad networks are limited to high traffic sites, as a prerequisite.
  • Demographic targeting is limited in DFP Small Business, while the paid DFP version gives you more options.
  • Plan a perfect naming convention of ad units and document it somewhere, so that you can go back to reference it.
  • If you have an area you would like to run an Adsense Ad, first, check the more popular ad sizes to determine if that area size is correct.
  • Look at your Analytics, as it will give you better insight into traffic to that page and scroll depth.

TNNG Services:

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Ultimately, if it’s digital we can probably do it!

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