Personalise Customer Experience With Your Own Mobile App

Personalise Customer Experience With Your Own Mobile App

In order to further your business goals, it is important to understand that turning your users’ mobile journey into an exciting brand experience involves more than just a mobile-friendly website. An app is an ideal tool to increase brand loyalty and improve customer experience.

Building Your Brand And Recognition   

Brand Design

A mobile app allows you to bring your brand to life, from the design of the app to the features, you are able to customise an app that reflects your brands’ identity.

Brand Recognition

The more interaction is encouraged, the more recognition your brand will receive. Thus the more customers will be inclined to purchase your product or service.

Direct Marketing Channel

Apps serve many functions that are beneficial to consumers and improve customer experience with your brand. Apps create easy access to general information such as prices, specials or promotions and connect with your customers easily through the news feed, messengers and user accounts.

Value to Customers And You

The ability to personalise your app using data received is a significant benefit not only for your customer. One of the advantages of an app is the ability to receive volumes of data about your target customer using analytics. The data provided can be used for valuable insight into smarter investments and increased ROI.

With the use of the received data above, you are able to customise loyalty programs and make it possible for customers to receive rewards via the app. This improves customer experience and increases loyalty by staying connected and understanding what your target market wants.


See below how TNNG set up a mobile app for our client 
Belgotex to add value to customers and build a better brand experience to achieve increased ROI.

Belgotex began a campaign for their residential carpet range. This campaign was based on the idea that each person is an element such as earth, fire, water etc.

Starting with the website TNNG created a quiz based on customer’s design aesthetics that would help customers find which element they were in order to match them to their ideal carpet. This was highly beneficial to Belgotex as it narrowed down the choices for customers in an interactive and interesting way.

We then decided that an app would be a great benefit for the sales team as an ‘on hand’ assistant. The sales team would reduce the time spent showing customers all the carpets available by alternatively showing options that fall under the customers ‘element’.

TNNG created an app that was android or iOS-specific which means can be used offline to ensure that the sales team are still able to use the app in areas that signal is low.

As a result, 2017 was the first time that Belgotex did not see a decrease in carpet sales and achieved an increase in brand loyalty. Let TNNG help you build and launch a successful mobile app for leading brands. We provide expert advice, turning your users’ mobile journey into an exciting brand experience.

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Talicia Dalais
Junior Creative Copywriter