Fake News: Sell Online Quickly with an eCommerce Website

Fake News: Sell Online Quickly with an eCommerce Website

No you can’t! This is a fake offer. Too many website developers and designers offer a “ready in 3 to 5 days” eCommerce Website or Online Store,

Yes, you will have an eCommerce store but this does not guarantee online sales, unless you have time or budget to market your store.

A beautiful new piece of Corporate Identity (CI) material

Having an eCommerce website is like having a new beautifully designed business card printed. Just because you have a business card, doesn’t mean you have sales.

We use the business card with this analogy: Imagine going to your favourite restaurant, knowing that the restaurant is busy, you take with you, your new business card. You put your card on the floor next to the entrance where there’s lots of traffic (just like the internet). You know there will be good traffic that’s going to see your card. Exactly the type of client you’re after.

Your beautiful business card with gold foil and embossing, is merely just being trampled on, nobody picks it up. Hardly anyone even looks at it! This is why you can’t have the expectation of a person browsing the internet, stumbling upon your website, or even visiting it.

We use this analogy because everyone knows, that unless you actually hand somebody the business card, they are not going to look at it, keep it or better still, contact you.

The handing of the business card to someone is the action. Marketing is also an action. When someone actually looks at your business card, this is like visiting your website and when someone keeps your business card, this is when the visitor to your website might take an action… like buy your product, visit again or contact you.

People put an eCommerce website online, list the website with Google Search, start selling online and expect people to find it. Sadly, they are mistaken.

The truth is, not many people are going to find your website and even less are going to buy from it.

In a few months time you are going to think that your website was a waste of money and you will most probably blame the web developer. We hear it all the time: “Why didn’t they tell us about SEO”, “Why didn’t they tell us about online marketing” or “They should have done this as part of they service, shouldn’t they?”

So, when we are asked the question, “should we start a eCommerce website?”, our questions to you are:
> can you commit your time to marketing the site, or pay someone to do it for you?
> have you got the budget to advertise through the digital channels?
If the answer is “yes” to the above questions, then an online store can be a very good extra revenue stream, or even a complete business.
If you think that having a eCommerce website is going to make quick, easy, money, without marketing it, you’re wrong.

TNNG has been taking stores online since 1998. Yip… that long ago!
One of our first clients were the Freemans Mail Order catalogue.
Since then we’ve worked on so many difference eCommerce and Online business models.
Some we’ve worked on a commission based model through Shopping Direct, others on a Digital Media model or a Full Service model offered by TNNG.

TNNG’s Digital Marketing Model puts the website at the core. Supported by digital and online marketing channels:

Digital Marketing Model