Simple Ways To Deal With a Creative Block

Artist Block

Simple Ways To Deal With a Creative Block

This story – is one you’ll find far more familiar than you could think
Let’s set the scene: you sit down at your desk, needing to get a lot of work done and as you’re about to draw out a concept… nothing.

Basically you’re searching your brain for something, and sorry – your brain says “not found”. So then you scramble on the internet, quickly hoping to find something to inspire you, before your deadline gets any closer than it already is!

Sound familiar?

No need to panic – what you’re experiencing is a lovely thing known as artist’s block, and something we’ve all had to deal with it at some point.
Being no stranger to it myself, I have decided to look into a few ways of conquering it. Perhaps one of these can work for you too: Question absolutely everything
Firstly, when you’re stuck on a project, try take a few steps back & ask yourself a few questions. 
Who is your target market? What are their interests? 
How have other designers tackled this project? What is the aim of this project? 

By asking yourself questions like these, you can get some perspective, get those creative juices going and jolt that brain back into action. 

Re-evaluate yourself
You need to try figure out as to why you are encountering a block. 
Are you stuck on one way of thinking? 
Are you intimidated or embarrassed about the project? 
Are you dealing with personal issues? 
Are you getting enough sleep? 

These are just some of the questions you could ask yourself. 
And, if all else fails, cut yourself off from the world for a bit & go out for a day or two. It can be something like rock climbing, or whatever else you’d like –  but the whole idea of it is too break your routine for a bit. 

Talk it out
As an artist, it is always good idea to, and you inevitably will, have friends or colleagues in a similar field. 
Why not share your project with them and have a brief brainstorm session together? 
This can also allow to get the creative juices to flow for a bit and could greatly help you find a solution for your project.

Just Sketch
If all of the above still doesn’t work in your favour – then sketching is your best bet! 
Pen to paper will always be your best friend.  
Sketching the idea on paper will not only be a much better visual for you , it could very-well result in you coming up with that much needed idea and finally break you out of your artist’s block. 

These ideas have always helped me break out of my artist’s block  – So just try one & they may help you too!Melissa Moodley
Senior Designer TNNG Design
 The No Nonsense Group