The Best Digital Business Cards in the World in 2020

The Best Digital Business Cards in the World in 2020

For years, we have exchanged business cards hoping that this time, this recipient is the rare type to contact us with a need.

Unsurprisingly, printed business cards end up in the bin at truly troubling rates—88 percent are thrown out within a week by one count. What’s more, 63 percent of those who throw business cards away do so because they don’t have an immediate need for the service.

How do we ensure our details aren’t buried in the trash, alongside crumpled paper & banana peels?

Digital business cards, like email signatures, are becoming the favoured way to “save to contacts” without the hassle of entering contact details.

In an effort to better understand the industry & perfect our own digital business card offering, Swoppi, we assessed over 20 systems & platforms. We drilled down into the benefits, the tech, pricing, popularity, feature set, & ease of use. This research led to the following insights on the particular strengths & weaknesses of leading digital business card providers.

Why Digital Business Cards? 

Digitizing the classic paper business card transforms this route tradition into a new world of possibility & functionality. Creating an easily shareable point of contact that not only conveys basic contact details, but offers enough flexibility & depth-of-information to tantalize contacts with content and social feeds—all while being sophisticated enough on the back-end to do so easily & instantaneously.

What Does a Good Digital Business Card Do?

Our extensive analysis compared digital business card platforms across 28 dimensions. In it, we uncovered a great deal about the current state of the digital business card industry & the maturity of it’s offerings.

The following is an abbreviated summary of the criteria users demand:

  • Slick customizable design templates that feature embeddable multimedia
  • Facilitates rapid & intuitive sharing with a wide range of social tools
  • Features integrations with popular social media, analytics & peer payment platforms
  • Platform analytics that help users track engagement
  • Designed for enterprise-wide adoption

We believe Swoppi is the best because it manages all of these feats while maintaining the lowest multi-user price and offering excellent enterprise functionality. Regardless,  the rest of these digital business card providers are worthy of consideration.

Digital Business Card Platforms:


(31 Reviews – Score: 4.0 – 5K+ Downloads)

Knowee prides itself on the ecological benefit of digital business cards, which can help cut down on the 10 billion cards annually produced in the US.

Primarily designed for business use, they offer customisable corporate templates, email signatures, an Outlook integration, & provides an admin control panel, which tracks KPIs. Also features tap-to-call functionality, tap map navigation, & a single tap creates a contact in your device as well.

More features & tailored solutions are available at an additional cost, including CRM capabilities, domain URL masking, single sign-on security, & IT integration.

Users have complaints about the user interface on the application & a lack of personalisation options. Knowee notably lacks custom branding & the ability to upload a background image. However, a significant app redesign was launched on September 29, which may have addressed user feedback.

Pricing: $4.86 – 50 Users: $197.67 – Enterprise Plans Available



(68 reviews – Score: 4.2 – 5K+ downloads)

$2.00/month/user Enterprise: $2/Month ($10 one time app activation) Individual: $40/Life

The L-CARD positions itself as the most advanced electronic business card management app on the market. It works on any device & offers cutting-edge features, including a great design, award-winning OCR scanning technology, smart email signatures, L-Card analytics & more.

Users praised the L-Card’s ease of use, wide feature set, attractive design options & templates, & ease of transmission.

Detractors pointed out the lack of integration with messenger apps, its dependency on apps app-dependent nature, & lacks tracking for Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel.

Pricing: $2.50 – 50 users: $53 – Enterprise Plans Available


One Card

(629 Reviews – Score: 3.5 – 100K Downloads)

One Card focuses more on student, administration & campus services, offering streamlined systems, credentials, payments & security across campuses. In addition, it features ID management, time-attendance, entrance-exit tracking & SMS notifications to keep students & campuses safe through access & security. A single point of access to campus life.

To its credit, it’s integrations & social capacity allows for deeper engagement, including the embedding of digital brochures, a brief bio, or video introduction. Premium options are extensive & the service functions without an app.

That’s a good thing. Unfortunately, users don’t have much positive to say about the app. Complaints include its age, the infrequency of updates, & broken functionality.

The prospect of platform updates appears dim, too. The company abruptly stopped updating it’s social profiles more than a year ago.

Pricing: $12 – 50 Users: $1,200 – Enterprise Plans Not Available


(1,000 Reviews – Score: 3.7 – 500K+ Downloads), the most used app, owes its success in large part to its social, sharable design & sizable community of influences– creators, publishers & brands.

Unlike other digital card services, is focused on leveraging it’s users’ cards into a proper social network. Here, cards focus on sharing content, in links to blogs & articles. Put another way: it’s as if the images on a Pinterest board photo grid are replaced with a vertical list of links. describes itself as a “social media reference landing page.”

They also offer their extensive customer support with access to engineering teams, & design assistance. The paid version offers many integrations with popular social sites & marketing tools, including Mailchimp, Facebook, Zapier, & Twitch, among others.

Detractors noted limited functionality, a lack of personalisation, lack of room for bios, & complained that Instagram often modifies or deletes the links due to its community rules.

Pricing: $6.00 – Bulk Pricing Info Unavailable



We believe we’ve effectively synthesized our learnings into creating the number one digital business card.

How is it the best?

Simple, it is not an app. It is an instant share.

Swoppi makes professional life so much easier–you won’t understand until you have all your details, socials & website links together in one, personalized place. It’s corporate-focused, so your company can track exactly how many times your teams’ cards have been opened, viewed, & clicked through. the number of times the links have been clicked.

It’s also by far the cheapest, with a fixed-cost multi-user monthly rate of $2.98.

Your details can be shared to another phone effortlessly, contactlessly & directly in seconds – with no app download needed. Features also allow you to add any required website links, documentation, images, Facebook profiles & Instagram accounts, all linked to your business card with card analytics.

By simply clicking on your title links, your clients will instantly be directed to the uploaded, shared files. Links can also be shared via SMS, email, & any form of messenger.

Pricing: $1.99 – Unlimited Users: $2.98


That, & much more, is why we’re so incredibly proud of our rich, feature-packed, attractive, & highly customizable platform. As the industry further adapts to user needs, we aim to stay ahead by providing the best & most forward-thinking digital business card experience possible. 

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