TNNG Media’s not so secret weapon, Google Adwords

Google Adwords

TNNG Media’s not so secret weapon, Google Adwords

What Michael Jackson is to music – Google Adwords is to advertising!
With 40,000 searches per second, Google Adverts lead your customer directly to where you want them to be, your website! With a variety of ad extensions, like Sitelinks – you are in complete control and get to decide when & to who your ads are being shown to.
This means, that even while you sleep, your ads are being shown & you’re making money.

Intriguing right? But…

At TNNG Media – we don’t do “But”s… we do PPC & SEO.
With our Google Adwords placement specialties, we can ensure that you stop wasting thousands of Rands on advertising (which may not even be reaching your targeted audience), and guarantee that what you spend, is what you get! This is because Google has no minimum spend and you pay when you adverts are clicked on. But even if you are particularly budget conscious, you can set a daily budget – which can be changed at any time. And to ensure you maximise your clicks, by adjusting your bids, Google also has a nifty Budget Optimizer too!

Then there is also the Ads Preview Tool, which shows you exactly how your ad will look, when it’s “live” to the 3 billion internet users (before you live). Allowing you to make instant changes – like stop/pause campaigns, or add new developments & findings – but also more importantly, it allows yo to see your changes & their results in real time.
Google Adwords, not only shows your advert when somebody searches for something on Google, but can also be shown on other websites, like blogs, AppsYoutube & anywhere else that is relevant to your brand – once again, bringing your customers closer & faster to you.

Like us at TNNG Media, do you also like pretty pictures & mind blowing videos? Then you’ll LOVE the Google Adwords Display network! The Google Display Network has hundreds of templates to choose from and allows you to completely customise how you showcase your products & services.

So let’s get serious, it’s time to stop wasting your money and stop advertising like you’re in the 1950’s….You want your business to be making more money, don’t you?