TNNG’s Geo-Click™ Advertising

Geo-Click Ads

TNNG’s Geo-Click™ Advertising

As they often say in the property game – “location, location, location.” In today’s digital environment, the power of location marketing is gaining more and more strength.

Gone are the days where digital advertising was used for large brands, and not for the smaller players. With the resources and data available to advertisers, now, we are able to advertise to your customers based purely on the street you’re located on.

Now, of course, this is a great attribute for independent stores, with only one location, but it’s also a great tool for the much larger companies, with various locations or franchises.

With location based advertising you’re able to design a message based specifically for each store – whether that be on certain specials or promotions available at the store only, or even the store’s unique target market. For example, perhaps you own 5 restaurants, 2 in Durban & 3 in Joburg. You could have a specific advert for your 1 restaurant which is located in the suburbs, with a lot of families and young children, and although all your locations have a child friendly menu, this aspect is a lot more enticing to that store’s target market, than say that of your Sandton City location, where your happy hour specials would be more enticing.

Another example is perhaps focused on store specific details, like your restaurant is moving location – spend your money notifying the current location’s target market & the new one’s rather than the whole province or city, which will most likely result in an extremely high rate of wastage.

Which brings us to another great benefit of Geo-Click™ Adverts – cost-effectiveness. For the same amount of money spent on street pole adverts in your stores area, you will reach not only the people who travel on that road and by chance notice your advert while driving, but anyone who goes on-line looking for content, in your vicinity. The likelihood of someone noticing your advert on their phone or laptop is a lot higher than a street pole advert, purely because their eyes are on the screen already, whereas it’s up to pure chance & luck for someone to see your advert, while they’re driving, and most likely focusing on the road.

Above all else, our Geo-Click™ Advertising has the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Lower cost per click (CPC)
  • Larger audience reach
  • Select specific audience
  • Unlimited ads
  • Personalised messages to the targeted audience.
  • Real-time advertising
  • Multiple Device targeting

Having already completed a number of our Geo-Click™ campaigns, for more information, please don’t hesitate to get-in-touch with us!