Stake your Claim on your Facebook Business page

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Stake your Claim on your Facebook Business page

Most of us know what a Facebook business page is, why they’re beneficial and how they can help promote your business.  But what happens when you start seeing pages for your business popping up on Facebook, and you didn’t create them?

Let’s first quickly answer the question– Why do I need a Facebook Business Page, over say, a Facebook Group, in the first place?
Facebook is fast becoming the first place people go, over search engines, to get information about businesses –  this is evident in the substantial decrease in website traffic – and it’s all due to Facebook’s ease of access to information and reliability.

This has resulted in Facebook Business Page’s fast replacing websites, particularly for small business. With the regular updates Facebook provides, having a Business Page allows you to not only provide information on services, contact information, location, office hours etc., but also receive bookings, sell e-commerce products, promote your business on a variety of platforms and so much more, all of which aren’t provided on say, a Facebook Group, or Event Page.

But back to the issue of duplicate pages…

Ideally, we only want one business page for our business, just like we would only have one website. However, should you be a physical business too (and not just online), sometimes duplicate “organic” pages can be created. This happens when a customer decided to use Facebook to check-in at your premisses, and should they have not liked, or seen your page, Facebook still allows them to create & tag a location. This obviously becomes problematic when other customer’s search for your page, and are then bombarded with a number of “organic” locations, none of which will have the information from your official page.

This is where you nee to stake your claim! 

And here’s how:
First, make sure the page is currently unmanaged – and hasn’t been created falsely by another party. To see this, click on the three dots on the right & then you should see a button that says “Is this your business?”  in the menu drop down.
From here, it’s simple…

1. Click “is this your business”.
2. Merge or claim Facebook page – Merge meaning you can add the page to your official business page, and with that bring along their fans – we tend to stay away from this if we already have a page as you stand to lose your current page content. Or you can “claim” the page, should you not already have a page for your business.
3. After this, you are basically on your way, follow the instructions – depending on which option you choose Facebook will guide you through the rest – verifying your details, etc.

And Voila!
You’ve staked your claim – and are on your way to creating a stronger Facebook Business Page!
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